Air transportation

From terminal to door

MELON company offers logistics services for the transportation of cargos by air. Transportation of cargos by air is used when it is necessary to deliver cargo urgently, for precious cargo or delivery to remote places.

We deliver cargo from the shipper’s warehouse to the cargo terminal at the airport of departure. We deliver cargo from the airport cargo terminal to the customer’s door. If you have to choose the best air transportation route, MELON company specialists will provide you with calculations in the shortest possible time.

Our advantages

Cargo insurance

MELON company has a package of all necessary documentation, including forwarder’s CMR insurance and additional cargo insurance up to 500,000 euros. The policy provides insurance for your cargo during transportation. We offer our customers to additionally insure the cargo as property against all possible risks.

Wide range of cargo transportation

We deliver full and consolidated cargos “door to door” by road, sea and air transport. We transport oversized cargos, dangerous cargos (ADR) and temperature condition cargos. We plan all stages of delivery, draw up the necessary documents, cooperate with customs and European warehouses.

Experience over 20 years

MELON has been on the service market since 2016, but has more than 20 years of experience in the transportation of cargos. First of all, we carry out all logistics and choose the most optimal route for your (incomplete) cargo in terms of speed and delivery price. Our experienced specialists will solve any issue that has arisen along the route of the cargo.

Support 24/7

Our managers provide up-to-date information on transportation every morning during the entire time of transport to the destination. They solve any problems that arise along the way and always stay in touch with the client.

Member of LAFF

Since 2018, MELON company has been a member of the LAFF organization, which unites Latvian forwarders and customs warehouse owners, in order to promote the development of services related to the organization of international cargo transportation. We will be happy to become your reliable partner in cargo transportation!

We offer



There are more than 20 types of vehicles in our fleet. We will help you deliver your cargo without additional costs.


Sea Shipping

Container transportation by sea from anywhere in the world in all directions.


Air transport

We deliver cargo from the airport cargo terminal to the client's door.

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Arturs Savickis
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Transport manager
Intermodal transportation Europe & CIS countries

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Transport manager
Baltic states & Scandinavia department

Janis Miltovics
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Europe & CIS countries

Rita Bakuze
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Transport manager
Multimodal transportation Europe & CIS countries

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